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After just one session, you’ll feel more connected to the unique values and strengths that drive your success in work and life.


Where are your fingerprints?

Over my career, I have reflected on many of Albert Einstein’s teachings.  When I first saw this quote, the simplicity of it grabbed me and challenged me. Where are my fingerprints on the conditions of my work and life?  Do I have the courage to shine light on those fingerprints and step up to create my reality?  Yes, I do.  And I have a calling to help others do the same.

Our Services

1:1 Executive Coaching

My mission as coach is to be a catalyst for your personal and professional growth. My role is to be your partner in this work, to facilitate a creative and thought-provoking dialogue, and to hold you capable and accountable for your stated goals. I will challenge you to look outside of your historical patterns and beliefs to imagine novel possibilities and new ways of being and working.


Leadership Development

Organizational priorities of innovation, agility, and retention require leadership that enables people to contribute to key results while being fulfilled in their work. I can help you and your team develop the skills needed to move away from traditional command-and-control leadership models towards a coach-approach model of leadership.


360 Feedback Assessment

Do you have a clear and accurate picture of how your leadership skills are serving your team and their effectiveness? What are you already doing well? What does your team want more of? What strengths are you over-using? What are some growth edges that you can focus on? I can help with a 360 feedback assessment to get a baseline for our coaching engagement.